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    Performance focused exercise and meal plans
    Designed to meet your ambitious fitness goals.

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    Efficient training programs
    Designed for athletes training for triathlons, track, and cycling.

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    Personalized Nutrition Programs
    Specifically designed to fit your lifestyle and to achieve your fitness goals

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Focused on the individual that enjoys a healthy lifestyle and wants to achieve maximum athletic performance.

From Our Blog

Follow our expert advice on nutrition, recipe ideas, fitness tips, and more.

10 Tips for Proper Hydration

By: Alejandro Torre (EHC Nutrition Coach)

Hydration is important any time of the year, especially for athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. But now...

Clean Eating

Clean Eating is a term that’s been thrown around a lot lately, only it’s not necessarily understood. I’ll explain what it is and if...

Recipe for a Tasty Springtime Salad

Sautéed chickpeas and feta cheese take center stage in this light, fresh spinach salad created by Karhu-sponsored athlete Jenny Eggers. Spinach, like other leafy...

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